Transition U

Who We Are

Transition U is a 501c3 that provides the gold standard in transformative services for veterans and returning citizens. We offer business solutions for organization leaders with our mindset and practical skill set training curriculum.

Please help us in the fight to end the use of solitary confinement.


small business solution


Transition U has years of experience working alongside Veteran Treatment Court to keep Veterans from returning to jail. Please email for more information.


Transition U provided provides entrepreneurship coaching virtually, including training for organization leaders looking to make their organizations more efficient and agile.

veteran outreach community


Transition U offers veteran outreach services to connect veterans to housing and plug them into resources they may need. Supporting our community is one of the most important values to Transition U. We work to serve in the community we live in to provide essential items, care, and support to those who need it most. Our community outreach programs are an excellent way to give back and make an impact in the lives of our veterans.

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