Social Return on Investment

Veteran Community Outreach

Transition U offers veteran outreach services to connect veterans to housing and plug them into resources they may need. Supporting our community is one of the most important values to Transition U. We work to serve in the community we live in to provide essential items, care, and support to those who need it most. Our community outreach programs are an excellent way to give back and make an impact in the lives of our veterans.

Entrepreneur Coaching

Transition U provided provides entrepreneurship coaching virtually, including training for organization leaders looking to make their organizations more efficient and agile.

Justice Outreach

Veteran Treament Courts are specialized court programs designed to support and rehabilitate veterans who have encountered legal issues. These courts aim to address the underlying factors, such as mental health disorders, substance abuse, and trauma related to military service, that may have contributed to veterans’ involvement in the criminal justice system.

Transition U, a dedicated team, provides support to veterans participating in the Veteran Treatment Court program. As veteran treatment court mentors, Transition U members are individuals who have successfully transitioned from military service to civilian life and have volunteered to assist and mentor veterans navigating the court process.

In their role as mentors, Transition U team members offer guidance, encouragement, and practical support to veteran participants. Drawing from their own experiences, they provide valuable insights, share information about available resources, and serve as a source of motivation and accountability. They help veterans understand the complexities of the court system, connect them with community resources, and assist in their rehabilitation and reintegration efforts.

Understanding the significance of Veteran Treatment Courts and the contribution of Transition U team members can shed light on the alternative avenues available for veterans within the justice system. By offering their expertise and support, these mentors greatly enhance the prospects of successful rehabilitation, reduced recidivism, and improved overall well-being for the veterans involved.

A Black Army vet spent 16 months in solitary. Then a jury heard the evidence against him.

Andrew Johnson refused to plead guilty to attempted murder charges, insisting he’d been defending himself during a confrontation in California.

Youth Services

Transition U remains invested in the future of our youth and will continue to commit to providing resources for at-risk children.